How to be productive on the Internet

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”- this universally celebrated quote by John Lennon, can be closely framed to understand and realise our tenacity towards internet.

Internet brings to us a virtual model of almost the entire world.

Every festival, be it the ‘La Tomatina’ of Spain to the ‘Snow & Ice festival’ observed in China- it provides us a platform to virtually be a part of any of them.  Everyone has their own reason to stay connected with the web and is very much dependent on it day in and day out. The current generation is irrevocably hooked to the internet and use is as a necessary tool for survival.

So how can we make the best use of internet and not end up squandering two, three or even more hours without obtaining anything worth mentioning? How do we strike the right balance between our individual idiosyncratic browsing sessions and the generic cum rewarding ones?

Here, we look at some fruitful yet gratifying stuff to do on internet without compromising the fun of it:-

  1. The more you read:

No matter how voracious a reader you are, internet can never be enough for you. There are over thousands of websites than grant you the luxury to read and its free most of the time. Websites like Goodreads, Librarything, booklikes etc. presents you a platform to catalogue your favourite books, get book recommendations, read reviews which save you a lot of time in going from your place to a book store or seeking reviews from people.

There has also been an upsurge in the number of blogs and story-pick websites in the recent years that provide entertaining topics, countdowns, analysis regarding issues ranging from a new Apple product to reasons why ‘The lord of the rings’ is the greatest trilogy ever made.

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia is like the database of almost everything that’s worth knowing about with thoroughly researched and verified information and has always helped us during the time of our needs.

  1. Learning at fingertips:

Internet has often been branded as an online university- well, we won’t exaggerate however, the advantage of having so many online learning platforms offering various disciplines and courses with so many of them being free of cost or nominally priced, is worth mentioning.

Websites like Chalkstreet, Udemy, Lynda etc. are some of these online learning platforms which render courses ranging from foreign languages to Kick-boxing. Such platforms have served the current learning generation with a revolutionized way of learning coupled with the numerous other advantages that tags along.


  1. An alternate employer:

One of the most rewarding benefits internet vouchsafes us with is an opportunity to work as a part-timer, freelancer or even bridges a link in getting a full-time job.

Several websites like twenty19, internshala, letsintern etc. brings together various companies and start-ups and the internship and job-seeking common man on a single platform. These companies can post details about their requirement so the concerned layman can get in touch with them and go through the mandatory process to see whether he/she fits their bills or not.

We can even secure jobs through the number of job portals present on the internet like, etc. as well as work as freelancers availing opportunities through websites like elance, freelance etc.


  1. Skill honing opportunities:

Did you have some talent that got left out with the course of time? Do you have some idea and want to work and research upon it to mould it into something worthy? Is time playing a factor in not letting you cultivate one of your skills? Well if that’s the case then internet can surely assist you in a better way.

There are plenty of websites that can help you in honing your skills and pumping it to higher levels, be it cooking or playing a base-guitar, you can get online assistance for all of them.

Websites like Codechef, hackerrank, topcoder etc. have been a blessing for the millions of IT/CSE students in our country rendering an excellent platform to work on their coding and programming skill and overall development to stay at par with the advancing world.

Online examinations has been a milestone in the educational fraternity and we can now take tests not only for maths or other mainstream ones but also disciplines like music or graphic designing and have a vivid idea of where we stand.


  1. Entertainment at convenience:

With internet, entertainment has never been this free and accessible ever. Every show, music, TV-series etc. are all present on the internet at economical rates or may be free at times and can be viewed 24×7.

Youtube, the video browsing website, in today’s world is almost synonymous to television and freely available to everyone at their convenience. People unfortunately even pander into downloading pirated stuff which has been one of the few disadvantages of such liberty.

  1. Stay connected:

With the unified virtual world that internet in a way offers, staying connected with our loved ones and acquaintances is easier than never before.

Social-networking platforms have paved a very convenient way for people to maintain touch with old friends and other accomplices while fortifying the connection with the present ones around the world. Facebook, the social networking giant is more or less a familiar household entity now. Other popular websites like twitter, Google hangout etc. are some of the globally recognized social networking platform.

We can even get in contact with HR’s of different companies where platforms like LinkedIn etc. have proven to be a great resource over the years.

Websites like Trello can help us in providing a secured environment in doing team business and sharing it with team-members and the overall functioning has been getting easier.


  1. A platform to express:

One of the most amazing aspect internet can be used for is to make optimum usage of our freedom in various forms.

One such form is the freedom of speech. We can talk about everything we want to, share information and interests with people having similar taste, write our own blogs and hold up discussion on various forums. WordPress, blogspot etc. are among the most popular blogging websites which have been thoroughly utilized across the globe and the vent to express has witnessed a drastic level of improvement.

There sure are issues with this where people end up writing and dealing with explicit content but it can hardly hold any ground against the thought provoking advantages we can exploit out with internet.

Female safety and sexuality in changing India

There are strings of words and phrases that have been coined or used over the years to describe the diverse demography of our Motherland. Popular ones like “Unity in diversity”, “Largest democratic nation” hails amongst them. But every democratic structure is built layer by layer. Every stratum needs its own representation and voice. Some of them have it, some of the unfortunate ones don’t. The position of women has always been a topic of intense debates and long discussions and this being a very topic is a reason for us to be ashamed of ourselves. It’s depressing and agitating to accept that we belong to a country where in we start our day by bowing down in front of numerous Goddesses and then a fraction of our countrymen turn into bedevils for women.

Female-safety has been a constant point to cogitate over in our growing and relishing nation. All such measures including Installation of CCTV cameras in public places, providing reservation in public spots and transportation, active hotline numbers, enforcing government agencies to work specially for women-welfare, self-protection training programs for women, amendments in certain laws for women, empowering women of the rural communities with free or subsidized education etc. have been in force to uplift the security level for women but somewhere, it’s not functioning properly. According to reports, a rape case is reported every twenty minutes in India (source: Wikipedia) and this is just the official figure. Whenever a rape case breaks into the mass media, it triggers enormous protests and commemorations. Demand for justice and swift trial is clamoured but it eventually loses steam and the case is prolonged over several years. The biggest threat to women’s safety lies in the mental realms of a man. So an additional measure that can be undertaken is moral empowerment of men. Awareness should be created and advertised on a much wider level and workshops pertaining to security of women should be enforced amongst public to cultivate the moral roots of people in abstaining from being a bedevil for women.

As the security of women has been under constant threat, women have generally been confined to live a subverted social life. Be it because of the imposition of age-old customs or social vulnerability, they have never got the chance to express themselves with absolute freedom. With the prospering urbanisation, things have changed in our growing country but not enough. It’s much easier for a man to talk about intimate affairs than a woman. A big fraction of our countrymen driven by rugged mentality create an unfavourable environment and bottleneck a woman’s expression. It’s a sin and people need to come together to abolish it.

Everything changes and improvement is the logical form of change. It’s finally up to the common people’s intention to come together and for once, not just talk but act too and eradicate the disparity between the positions of the two genders in our country.


Maine dekhi hai wo deeware,
maine suni hai wo aawaaz.
Meri zindagi ko anjaam dene se pehle,
ek baar hone de aagaaz.

Mujhe uthne de, mujhe chalne de,
Mujhe girne de, mujhe sambhalne de.
Mujhe hasne de, mujhe rone de,
befikra hokar ek lamhaa sone de.
Mujhe khud me ek baar jhaankne de,
mujhe khud se baatein karni hai.
Thora samajhne de, kuch samjhaane de,
mujhe khud ko kuch banaane de.
Mai shaayar to nahi par mujhe likhne de,
mai gaayak nahi par mujhe gaana hai,
jo baatein hotho se naa nikle,
mujhe use bhi logo ko bataana hai.
Jis kalaa se vanchit hai mera tan,
uske sang bhi ek dafaa sangharsh karne de,
Haar ke darr se poori zindagi marna hai,
iss jeet k liye ek baar mujhe marne de.
Hai jitna bhi mere paas, uske sang thora jeene de,
bhoola deni waali yaadein bhi bikhre hue nageene the.
Mujhe baarish me bheegna hai,
mujhe kari dhoop me bhi tapnaa hai,
khushiyon k saath jo gam milte hai,
wo naa chaahte hue b mera apna hai.

Itni si meri chaahat hai,
meri icchaaon se naa ho naaraaz,
Meri zindagi ko anjaam dene se pehle,

ek baar hone de aagaaz.

ek baar hone de aagaaz.

‘Inked on the pebbles’

Its arduous to utter every word,

every picture that comes to my head.

Every glimpse that’s invisible to the eyes,

which broaden my smile or make my eyes wet.

The resplendence of those flashbacks

which can alter the course of my motion,

and sets me to ponder reluctantly

over streams of cognitive emotion.

My conscience side is the one which attract or rebels

the memories which are perpetually Inked on the pebbles.


Covering my forehead with inconspicuous fret lines,

certain memories only make me suffer.

Depriving me from the optimism i have,

this pessimistic heart makes it all tougher.

The voice of wisdom knows it all

but the compunctive mind fades away the sound.

Its just a matter of fortitude to overcome the grief

but strong are the jaws of these despicable hounds.

The road ahead is wide and that’s where I should prance,

and let these dismal memories be engraved in my ignorance.


A jovial thought delights up the mood

Alas! incessant marvelling upon them wont lead me ahead.

Turning back and clapping for my journey

makes me volatile to the slightest dread.

A moment of laughter is always a bliss

and a better laugh is there is what I should know,

my tenacity to hard work should not get mismatched

so a clip of good memory should not be considered a show.

Its not gonna vanish as its in me within,

good memories will always be threaded under my skin.


‘The road not taken’

How important is it for you,

to not let people get inside you,

to abstain them from connecting with you,

shun them from feeling the way you do,

to not let them understand you completely.

For once, stop being an encomiast

and let them taste the truth.

To encourage them to accept the rattled facts

and force them to step out of their delusions.

To set loose the thread of emotions,

emotions connecting them with you.

To help them realize the consequences,

to tarnish the trust they have on you.

Refraining your own selection of words

to help them dislike a major part of you.

To stop delivering the chains of cajolement

and push them to step out of the confounded state.

To enhance their power of rejection

and not let them accept everything about you.

To show them a side of yours,

which is real but is hidden for the better.

To not let them share your joys and sorrows

and obstruct them from associating with each of your moments.

To let them choose their own road

and not be prejudicial even if the incandescence is low.

To turn down the shine at your own will

and let the glory end before it ends.



‘A genesis to kill’

It chills you up,

it freezes you down.

It derides your stature

And portrays you as a clown.

It obscures your sight with purple haze,

fiddling with your brain as a child plays.

Grim shrugs are all that you’ll be left to wear,

And all this pallor is because of what you fear.


It checks your step,

It controls your thought.

It vanquishes over your sanity

And tardily corrodes everything you were taught.

It deludes your focus and annihilates your will,

Being reluctantly involved in this genesis to kill.

Abstaining oneself from the blow of this spear

is impossible unless you aren’t aware of your fear.


It enlightens your decision making,

It enriches your skills of judgement.

It activates the obsolete sense of choice

and helps in settling the rudimentary predicament.

It demands attention but lets you have the command

and hinders you from falling by the regular reprimands.

It’ll make you whine but prevent the wastage of your tears,

A man’s character can be revealed by what he fears.



‘The one who Knocks’

I am the light that guides you the way
I am the beacon that helps you in your stride,
I am the hesitation that doesn’t let you fall
I prevent you from getting soaked in your pride.
I am your impudent companion
even your shadow cannot compete me,
I behold the character you own
I am a bird which can never be set free.
I am the imperishable urge throughout the clock,
I am the one who will always Knock.

I am dissolved in your integrity
destitute from the indelible greed,
I am the product of your inner complacence
maintaining your solitude from the contemptuous creed.
Inches of introspection won’t help you
I am an existence and not just a show,
I terminate your confusion, anxiety and grief
so stop repressing me or else you’ll keep getting the blow.
I am your shield against people’s mock,
I might stay silent but i’ll always Knock.

I can manipulate thoughts and influence decisions
i’ll keep on parenting your repugnant soul,
Even if you desolate yourself from your own league
i’ll somehow show you the tracks up to your goal.
I censor the canvas of your imagination
and hinder the feigns from overpowering your fantasy,
Life is about setting goals and pursuing dreams
and not being volatile for kissing ecstasy.
Engraved within you, i’ll be as rigid as a rock,
because my name is Conscience and i’ll always knock.