‘The Smoke Theory’

Look, if i tell you something that does not hold any sort of scientific, cultural, mythological, astronomical, emotional relevance with utmost authority and delirious proficiency then it does not imply that I want you to ponder over it. I just want you to read it.

You, consciously or unconsciously keep on doing a number of things throughout the day. Be it the basic domestic priorities, social networking and friendship indulgences, serious professional occupancies, deeds during the leisure or even when you aren’t doing anything like when you walk down the street to fetch something or when you wait for a phone call or even waiting for the delicacies to arrive in a restaurant. Each and everything that can be done always comes up with two options- do it or don’t. Both the options involve their own set of consequences. You have your inclination towards on of them but generally you never completely discard the other one.

You stick to your opinion and perception and do what you wanted which is alright. But the problem arises when you follow the option you didn’t wanted to go with. By doing the latter, you ditch your own opinions and judgement which rise out of your own ears and nostrils as puffs of smoke and cloud in the contiguity of your brain where they were generated( Now this might be the point when you start lamenting this read-out or may be slandering me but i request you to keep calm and just read).

These exhales of smoke as well as the cloud are invisible. The accumulation of these puffs begin from the very age you start to act against your will. Certain situations like you are going down the street and you want to drop a penny in the beggar’s bowl but you didn’t because no one did falls in this category where you went against your will. Or say you are waiting for the meal to be served in the cafe and during this span you came up with a fruitful idea which got dumped with the first sight of the meal. This dumped idea gets accumulated as the smoke and with the passing years of your life, moments like these when you go against your will or ignore a good idea results in the expansion of the smoke cloud. The more you ignore, the thicker and denser does this cloud hovering over your head gets.

The ejection of these puffs doesn’t depend on the nature and tendencies of your opinion and ideas but it only depends on whether you follow them or not.

As the size and density of this cloud grows across your head, the intake of oxygen keeps on decreasing. The oxygen gets contaminated on passing through these clouds and thus brain is not able to make full use of it in generating ideas and opinions as well as in serving its life line functions. Eventually, the intake of oxygen stops your timeline and it comes to an end only because you chose to ignore and dump thus continuously allowing the cloud to expand and hover, and cover your head.

Thus as they say, ‘ Choose wisely, live well’.


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